Sunday, July 4, 2010


One year ago I received the news that
our little boy, Habakkuk,died of cholera
in his village, Kpeletayama, in Liberia.
He was 2 1/2 yrs old and we planned
on adopting him. Today, because of
the love and support of friends, there
is a clean water well in that village.This 
summer, no children are dying of
water contamination diseases. So, our
sorrow is obvious, I still ache for the
little boy I never knew, and yet, I have
joy that his life changed a village. His
life brought hope to his community; 500 people in his
village and surrounding areas benefit from this well.

Habakkuk's Well has an inscription dedicating it in
memory of Habakkuk. However, no one in the village can
read it since everyone is illiterate. But, this "village with
nothing" now has a future. Plans are being made to bring
a school to the village. First, a "real" house needs to be
built since not many educated people are willing to live in
a mud and thatch house. The house will cost about $3500.
Next, we will raise support to pay the teacher and purchase
curriculum. School will be outside under a pole and leave
If you are interested in supporting this project
please mail your donation to: 

Mark and Peggy Halvorsen 
2920 Bobbie St 
Eau Claire, WI 54703
Write the check to: Fellowship church 
Please write Kpeletayama village school 
in the memo.

Also please pray for us as we
consider more options regarding
adoption. Liberia continues to be close. There is no way of
knowing how long it will remained closed. We currently
sponsor two boys, Michael and Varney, that we would very
much like to adopt. We continue to pray for God's will for
our boys. And, it may be for them to be our kids that grow up
in Liberia. In light of that, we are open to other adoption
options. If another match was found, such as through WI
special needs/foster care adoption, we would seriously
consider it. This process has been so painful for me, as some
of you know. Pray for wisdom and peace for our family as we
look for what God has ahead for us.
Thank you for your love and interest in our journey,
                                             Varney and Michael

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